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What are ‘qualifying’ and ‘free’ bets? – Free1k

What are ‘qualifying’ and ‘free’ bets?

Qualifying bets are bets we must place in order to qualify for a free bet from the bookmaker.

What’s the difference between ‘Free bet (SNR)’ and ‘Free Bet (SR)’?

‘SNR’ stands for ‘Stake Not Returned’ whilst ‘SR’ stands for ‘Stake Returned’. Almost all offers you do will be SNR offers. This means that the stake is not returned to your account if your free bet wins. This is the reason that it is almost impossible to extract 100% of the free bet value as profit (unless you wait for the odds to go down in the exchange – not recommended!). Instead we should look for bets that will allow us to extract 75%+ of the free bet’s value.