What is matched betting?

Matched betting refers to the process of extracting from free bets offered by bookmakers. We do this by using betting exchanges (we prefer Smarkets). For example:

Betsafe have an offer on: ‘Bet £10 on England vs Spain and receive a £10 free bet’
We back Spain at 2.0 on Betsafe and 2.02 on Smarkets. We lose p regardless of the outcome. We need to do this to release the free bet.
We place the free £10 bet on Germany vs Wales. We back Wales at 7.0 on Betsafe and 7.2 on Smarkets. We will make a guaranteed £ from this bet. It does not matter whether Wales win, lose or draw – we will make £. The overall profit on this offer would be.

The offers and bookmaker will change but the profit is always guaranteed!