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What is mug betting? – Free1k

What is mug betting?

A mug bet is a bet that makes you appear a regular punter (i.e. a mug!). A matched bettor should place mug bets in order to avoid suspicion from the bookmaker. If we continue to only complete offers the bookie is likely to decide we are taking too much value from them and ban us. By mixing in mug bets we can keep our accounts open and continue to do their offers indefinitely. There is no exact formula but 2-3 mug bets for every offer is a good starting point. Just made £10 on a reload offer? Place some mugs that’ll cost you £1. Think of mug betting as an investment in keeping the account open long-term – do not think of it as ‘losing money’!

Some bookies are quicker to ban bonus abusers than others. After the sign-up offers it is always wise to place a couple mug bets before doing any reloads to sneak under the radar.

Always try to adopt the ‘what would a normal punter do?’ mindset. Backing your favourite team consistently, betting on popular markets, placing acca’s (which can be laid on Betfair), and maybe even being willing to lose a few pounds in the casino once in a while will prevent you from arousing suspicion.

Other tips:
Do not bet on obscure markets. If a normal punter wouldn’t bet on the market, you shouldn’t either.
Do not continually take ridiculously high odds for your free bets. Higher odds will allow you to extract more money from a free bet (providing you can find a good match on the exchange) but consistently taking 10.0’s+ is bound to arouse suspicion. Stick to 8.0 and below and you won’t go far wrong.